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My Lowes Life is a self-service human resource system and it is one of the biggest job portals in the United States of America. It’s a community of the USA’s biggest companies who are selling home-improvement products and other hardware products. This system helps the employees regarding their jobs and assignments. Fortunately, this portal lets the employees access their own job section through their personal profile. So the portal is easily accessible for the employees from the remote locations. 

My Lows Life Login is essential for the employees to access their personal account. Login into this Portal is pretty easy and if you have already associated with this portal, you can easily access your profile from anywhere using the Internet.

This Portal enables all the employees to access their accounts and to know all the information related to their jobs. They can even access their paycheck, tax information, shifts, schedules, benefits and more.

MyLowes Life Login

In order to log in to My Lowes Life’s portal, first, you have to know the login credentials of your account. Without having proper login credentials of your account, you won’t be able to log in and access the account.

Additionally, you must have to be a current or former employee of the Lowes. You should be given your account’s login ID, a Password and a security question to access the portal.

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You have to remember the Password and other login credentials. At the time of login, you will be asked to answer the security question. In order to log in to your query, you need to have a tablet or a smartphone or a Computer.

All the login credentials of your My Lowes Life’s login will be given to you by the HR Department. You can consult to your Lowe’s HR Department and ask for the credentials.

Once you have your Login details, head over to the official Portal of My Lowes Life by clicking on to the

On the homepage of My Lowes Life portal, you will see two boxes where you need to enter your Username and Password. If you are a former Lowe’s Employee, then you must click on to the Click here link which will redirect you to another page.

If you are a new or current Lowe’s employee, then you have to type in your identification number into the Sales Number section. And the Password field requires your Password.

Once you enter the login credentials, you need to click on to the Login button.

You’re done! You have successfully logged into the Portal of MyLowesLife. Once you are logged in, you will be presented with two different sections, “Part Time” or “Full Time”. If you are a part-time employee, you need to select the Part-Time section and if you are a Full-Time employee, you need to select a Full-Time option. Once you select an appropriate option, you will be taken to your account’s page. From here, you can get access of everything related to your account.

The homepage of this portal is pretty simple. It has a decent navigation bar for the employees. From the Search bar, you can search for the topics that you need to address and this is how you can get the required information about the jobs.

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